High quality & affordable streaming

your event live!

Imagine takes the worry out of live streaming your event. We’ll create a high quality live stream of your meeting with three robotic cameras plus an overview camera, access to your high quality graphics and sound – and turn it into a broadcast quality production streamed on your favorite platform. 

Do you have a public meeting or event? We do much more than just putting a webcam in the corner. We plug into your audio source or provide our own mics to capture the interaction and show the expressions of your panel and participants. 

Those who can’t attend will really appreciate seeing the quality of the production. 

We can also provide a hybrid meeting if you’d like.

We plan with you well before the event, including a site visit and discussions with the site coordinator, meeting host, and visual/sound coordinator. We’re experienced streaming meetings of all types to YouTube, Facebook, or your choice of platforms. 

Our cost is far under what you’d spend with a large production company. We do that by creating a system that a single person can operate. Expect to pay around $1,500 for your event, depending on how long it is.

Why not find out how we can help make your meeting the best ever!

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“We are extremely pleased with the live-streaming services provided by Tom Fuller and Imagine Communications!”